Current status:

All systems operational.

Past incidents:

  • The maintenance is complete and BIIGLE is back online again.

  • BIIGLE has been shut down for the scheduled maintenance.

  • The storage backend is working again.

  • BIIGLE's storage backend is unavailable because of an expired certificate. We are working on a fix.

  • We have implemented a fix for the blocked emails.

  • We are invesitgating reports of email notifications (e.g. new reports) being blocked as spam by Gmail.

  • Everything is working normally again.

  • We have found the cause of the performance issues and implemented a partial fix. Operations that access the storage backend are still slow.

  • We currently observe degraded performance with delayed response times for BIIGLE. We are investigating the cause.

  • The hardware maintenance is finished.

  • BIIGLE can be temporarily unreachable because of urgent hardware maintenance.