Current status:

All systems operational.

Past incidents:

  • BIIGLE is available again.

  • BIIGLE is currently unavailable. We are investigating.

  • BIIGLE is available again. There was no data loss because of this incident.

  • BIIGLE is unavailable because of a power outage in the data center. There was no data loss as far as we can tell. We are working on a solution.

  • The issue was temporarily fixed and BIIGLE is available again.

  • BIIGLE is unresponsive because a large backup filled the disk of the database server.

  • We have identified the problem and deployed a fix. BIIGLE is available again.

  • Connectivity to BIIGLE is currently unreliable and it sometimes does not respond. We are investigating.

  • The Largo sort feature now works for all volumes.

  • Regular processing jobs (e.g. for reports) should work normally again. The new Largo sort feature may not work for all volumes created before 2024-01-26 yet.

  • We are rolling out major new features. Processing jobs (e.g. new reports) may be delayed while we balance the increased processing requirements.